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A look at Calvary’s Wedding Brochure

The decision to marry is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. Marriage is intended to be a life-long commitment. A wedding in the church is a statement of promise between the couple before God.

From scheduling your very special day, pre-wedding classes, to planning the service and reception, Calvary Lutheran Church is here to help you through it.

Please contact the church office as soon as possible to reserve your big day!

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Reserving a Wedding Date

Weddings at Calvary Lutheran Church are to be scheduled with a Calvary pastor. The date and time for a wedding is scheduled on the Calvary calendar upon the receipt of the damage deposit.

Pre-Marriage Preparation

Preparation for a wedding requires partnership with the officiating pastor. An optional Couple Inventory will be offered and will require an additional fee.

The Worship Service

Preparation for the worship service including the practice will be with the officiating pastor. Such preparation will include:

  • Appropriate marriage license
  • Applicable church fees with the church office
  • Sound and lighting
  • Sanctuary decorations
  • Photography and videography
  • Sanctuary restrictions: eating food, throwing rice, birdseed, bubbles, etc.
  • Bulletins/Wedding Worksheet
  • Prohibition of alcohol on church property
  • Music (Arrangements made between the couple and musicians)

The Reception

If the reception is held at Calvary, coordination of the reception will be with the church office. Such coordination will include:

  • Room layout and cleanup
  • The option to have a kitchen coordinator and/or a custodian
  • Decorations, linens, etc., are the responsibility of the family
  • The Fellowship Hall is reserved upon receipt of applicable fees.

“This church’s first response toward families and households should be one of welcome and support that includes particularly the care for and safety of children. Children are to be invited into the community of the baptized regardless of their family situation.”

(Human Sexuality Gift and Trust p. 23) “In this country and in our congregations, families are formed in many ways. There are natural and adoptive families, foster families, blended families, families with a missing generation, and families where the parents are the same gender.”
(Human Sexuality Gift and Trust p. 23)

All families are welcomed and cared for by Calvary Lutheran Church. In response to the Minnesota Marriage Law passed in 2013, Calvary Lutheran Church respects the bound consciences of the baptized and welcomes as Christ himself all who join us in mission.

Pastors, called or interim, with Calvary Lutheran Church shall officiate Christian wedding services in the Name of the Triune God. Pastors, called or interim, with Calvary Lutheran Church shall provide preparation for marriage that may include an inventory. In response to marriage preparation, Calvary Lutheran Church respects the bound consciences of pastors under call or contract to officiate or not to officiate the service.

Calvary Lutheran Church welcomes same-gender marriages and rites of blessing of civil same-gender ceremonies, on or off its premises. Pastors, called or interim, shall follow their bound consciences to officiate, or not to officiate, at same-gender marriages. If our pastors are unable to honor requests for same-gender marriages and rites of blessing of a civil ceremony, referrals will be made to pastors who are able to officiate at such services.