Church Council Minutes

Calvary Lutheran Church


Church Council Meeting – February 14, 2023
Devotions by S.A.M. Dana Kocka

Present were: President Bob Hansen, Mark Harmon, Sara Forsberg, Shalom Grandy, Dennis Aanenson, Al Judson, Erika Randall, Mandy Runyan, Tony Platz, and Joel Vorhes. Also present were: Pastor Norby, S.A.M. Kocka, and Treasurer Wayne Pearson.

Motion by Mandy Runyan, seconded by Al Judson, to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Motion by Al Judson, seconded by Tony Platz, to approve the minutes from the January 10, 2023, Church Council Meeting. Motion carried.

Jeremy Caudillo and David Simmons joined us to discuss a Core Fair to be held between services. At the fair, which will be held between services, each core committee will set up a display in hopes of informing the congregation of the purpose for each core and possibly recruiting more core members. Date will be determined later, but tentatively we are thinking April 23, 2023.

Accepted the Treasurer’s Report. Wayne pointed out that our electric budget payment increased considerably. He also mentioned that we paid the quarterly installment for our church insurance, our annual contribution to Campus Ministry at Bemidji State University ($600.00) and our annual dues for the Park Rapids Area Ministerial Association ($200.00).

Heartland Lakes approached Calvary Lutheran Church about hosting a career fair. The council discussed making our facility available if needed, and we support so doing. The Executive Council will approve details if necessary.

Discussed the Year of the Family. Each Core is to have ideas for an activity that highlights the Year of the Family. It is hoped that we will spread activities out throughout the year. Caring and Outreach requested September to coordinate their activity with the back-to-school activities.

Motion by Mark Harmon, seconded by Dennis Aanenson, to approve signing the contract and making the 40% downpayment for purchase of the organ. Motion carried.

Bob Hansen reported that he is forming an ad hoc sign committee consisting of Ron Norenberg and Jeremy Caudillo from Resources, Jennifer Bateman and Stuart Larson from the marketing committee, Al Judson and Bob Hansen from the Executive Committee, and a volunteer to be named from the Arts Committee.

Discussed the need to let candidates for core committee leadership and executive committee know what their election means. Some core leaders did not know that they would be members of the church council in addition to their core assignments. Also, we need to make it clear that the executive committee members serve three-year terms (President Elect becomes President, then Past President; Secretary serves a three-year term).

Read a draft of a letter prepared to notify Scooters that they need to respect our property by not dumping snow on our north lot and by not allowing their vendors to park vehicles or equipment on our property. Also discussed notifying law enforcement and the Hubbard County Attorney’s Office. The council directed Secretary Joel Vorhes to send the letter he prepared to Scooters. The County Attorney and Park Rapids Police will not get a copy because unless there is an active case or investigation, they really won’t know what to do with the letter. We may, however, let them know in general terms that we are notifying Scooters of these issues.

Core Reports

Caring and Outreach: As presented. Highlighted staffing the welcome center.
Family Ministry: Discussed the success of the bingo event and suds of service. Need volunteers for suds of service.
Finance Ministry: As presented.
Learning Ministry: No meeting.
Resources Ministry: No unusual activities.
Worship Ministry: Discussed need for ushers and greeters and who will try to recruit volunteers.
Youth Ministry: As presented.
Innovation Core: As presented.

Discussed the need to send Core Reports prior to the council meeting so that members will be able to
review the reports before the meeting. The consensus was that this should be done.

Meeting adjourned and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joel Vorhes