Children's Ministry

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
-Proverbs 22:6

Calvary is...

...full of dedicated, passionate, capable leaders and volunteers who understand the importance of making ministry with children, youth, and families a priority. Helping children and youth know God and God’s love in their life, inspiring them to become Christ-centered to serve and to grow in faith, and partnering with parents to nurture the Christian faith life in the home is what Children, Youth, and Family Ministries are all about. It is a place where children, youth, and families can connect, learn and grow together.

To learn more about these programs or to volunteer and serve, please contact:

Dana Kocka, Education & Youth Director 218-732-7284
or Mandy Runyan, Youth Ministry Chair 218-255-1642

Begins September 10th (but join us at anytime!)
Sunday School is offered at 9:30 AM each Sunday during the school year.

Children from PreK through 8th Grade attend age-appropriate classes with dedicated and caring teachers.

If any Sunday School aged children are interested in joining the Sunday School Dance Team, please call the church office 218-732-7284.

Wednesday mornings at 8:30am (Grades 1-8)
As part of Calvary’s Christian Education Program, students participate in the following faith practices:

  • Reading and studying the Bible
  • Devotional disciplines
  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • Relationships
  • Service

Affirmation of Baptism may be used many times throughout the life of a baptized Christian. It is especially appropriate as part of a process of faith formation in faith in youth or adulthood that we call Confirmation. The Confirmation program is designed to shape the faith of every student, starting in 3rd grade, through participation in the life of Calvary Lutheran Church.

Confirmation Overview:

  • 3rd Grade-Confirmation enrollment; receive Bibles; Understanding your Bible
  • 4th Grade-Jr. Ushers
  • 5th Grade-Communion Process with Altar Guild; receive First Communion
  • 6th Grade-Prayer Study
  • 7th Grade-Memory Work, Old Testament & Gospel of Mark Study; Confirmation Camp; Worship Reports
  • 8th Grade-Memory Work, New Testament & Life of Jesus Study; Jesus Christ Superstar movie; Acolyte; Worship Reports
  • 9th Grade-Memory Work; Wednesday night Confirmation Classes; Worship Reports; Honoring Your Neighbor Faith; ELCA; Reformation; True Love Waits; Passion of the Christ movie; Luther movie; Interview with Pastor concerning Faith Statements
  • 10th Grade-Confirmation Mentoring Process; Faith Statements; Rite of Confirmation

Sunday School & Wednesday Release Time

Sunday School is available for children, Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, at 9:30 AM each Sunday during the school year.  Sign your child up for Sunday School on Rally Sunday in September or by calling the church office at 218-732-7284.   Wednesday Release Time is available for children in grades 1 through 8 during the school year on Wednesday mornings.  To sign up for Release Time, contact the Park Rapids Area School District at 218-237-6500.