Church Council Minutes

Council Meeting Minutes - October 12, 2021

  1. Call to order

Jeremy Caudillo called to order the Church Council of Calvary Lutheran Church at 5:31 pm on 10/12/2021.

Roll call

The following members were present: Wayne Pearson, Harry Wenner, Dana Kocka, John Cook, Jeremy Caudillo, Al Judson, Brandi McMahon, Glenn Anderson, Dennis Aanenson, Bob Berdahl, and Sonda Tolle.

Devotions by Harry Wenner.

  1. Reports
    1. Secretary Minutes-September Meeting Minutes approve 1st Dennis, 2nd Al, motion passed.
    2. Treasurer Report for September-Motion to approve as presented. 1st Al, 2nd Glenn, motion passed.
  • Business
    1. Confirmands, motion to approve confirmands for Rite of Confirmation on 10/31/2021 1st John, 2nd Brandi, motion passed.
    2. Skylight-all interested members are encouraged to attend the Resource Committee meeting on October 26th to discuss skylight options, repurpose, demo? Etc.
    3. Release Time Busing-motion to increase the bus driver wage to $45 per hour 1st Dennis, 2nd Brandi, motion passed.
    4. Resignation-Stuart Larson has resigned as past president, motion to accept resignation from Executive Council and thanked him for his service and dedication 1st Al, 2nd Dennis, motion passed. Will not replace at this time since elections are set for January 2022.
    5. Office Coordinator-Amity has resigned and we thank her for her service. Welcome Debbie, she is the new office coordinator.  Dana also recognized Wayne for going above and beyond to keep the office in order until Debbie was hired.
    6. Policies-the Executive Council will focus on policy review in 2022.
    7. Thank you-Jeremy thanked the council for their participation and involvement in the business of the church.
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Caring and Outreach-Glenn Anderson-discussing how to be a welcoming church. We are due to schedule a church directory.  Glenn will touch basis with the Marketing Committee, last done in 2017.  Will need to budget for this in 2022.  November 20th we are celebrating and highlighting the Caring and Outreach programming from 4-7pm at Calvary, includes a meal.
    2. Family Ministry-Brandi McMahon-Pikes Corn Maze on 10/17 from 1-3pm. Trunk or Treat 10/30 in conjunction with the downtown trick or treating event.  Suds of Service occurred last weekend, going well.
    3. Finance Ministry-Harry Wenner-as written in submitted report.
    4. Learning Ministry-Dana Kocka-need release time teachers.
    5. Resource Ministry-Dennis Aanenson-new roof is complete and this week the rental house will be demoed.
    6. Worship Ministry-John Cook-Discussing children’s choir.
    7. Youth Ministry-as written.
    8. Innovation-need to discuss what type of church do we want to be, need to review our plan and strategies at council meetings.
  2. Announcements:
    1. Jeremy asked that we keep Faithbridge in our prayers as they rebuild from tornado damage.
  3. Adjournment:

Motion to adjourn. at 6:45 pm by Jeremy.  Prayer by Dana, followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

Minutes submitted by:  Sonda Tolle